Grand Place – 1729 Grand Boulevard (Crossroads)


Grand Place is an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of the resurgence of the Crossroads, and the greater Downtown Kansas City area as a whole.

Through the extensive renovation currently being undertaken, you get the best of both worlds – the character of landmark historic buildings and new, modern construction.

The complete Grand Place campus will include over 250,000 sf of office space in a variety of sizes – a variety of unit sizes, from 2,000 sf to more than 37,000 sf, as well as some shorter-term suites, all with access to fantastic on-campus amenities.

Parking is included on site, for an additional fee.

Grand Place Concept Drawings

Grand Place Flyer


1. SUITE W12 – 15,432 sf

With a main grand entrance off of the south plaza and park, this suite comprises the Kansas City Star’s former first floor main office.

2. SUITE E21 – 29,371 sf

This suite is located on the second floor of the east building and has a contiguous floor plate.

3. SUITE E31 – 37,854 sf

This suite is in the east building and is comprised of a third floor contiguous floor plate with 40 ft high ceilings, an additional mezzanine overlooking it, topped off with a stunning penthouse offices in the structural radio tower base and outdoor roof space.

4. SUITE W32 – 20,296 sf

This suite is the top floor of the west building and has its own penthouse offices in the second structural radio tower base.


The following suites have been identified, but sizing can be open to negotiation.

1. SUITE E02 – 9,586 sf

2. SUITE W02 – 12,131 sf

3. SUITE W22 – 4,103 sf

4. SUITE W23 – 4,907 sf

5. SUITE W24 – 2,068 sf

6. SUITE W25 – 2,498 sf

7. SUITE W26 – 4,865 sf

For more information, head to the development’s website: Grand Place KC

To schedule a tour, contact Debbie at 816-668-5191 or